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DAY 4,5,6

Day 4 to Nevada, Missouri

This morning looked like this.........

...this afternoon is supposed to be like this......
The first was fact and the second was fiction as the temperature remained in the mid-80's most of the day. We took a little rain delay but I was out first just after 6 closely followed but Bill, Walt and Cheryl.
The good news is that Squada Lumaca leading the pack. Walt is number one, closely followed by Bill in second place. Cheryl and I are in the top ten and Capt. Gary is bringing up the rear with the trailer.
Walt got caught in road construction one way operation. A lot of Cannonball riders would have just ridden on through which I was inclined to do but stopped to visit with Walt. Bill showed up just as the pilot vehicle to lead us through the construction showed up and he and Walt took off ahead of the vehicle. The little sign operator told me to tell them not to do that again.
The day was a great ride and  Squada Lumaca riders were first into the Motel 8 around 1 pm.  A fine, smoke filled hotel.

What we do at the end of the day in the parking lots.

Yes he is riding that thing across America 

Day 5 to Lincoln Nebraska

I was out on the road in the early dawn and while traveling through town I saw two police officers sitting on the side of the road and since I knew Cheryl was coming balls to the wall behind me was pretty sure she would get to meet one of these officers. And she did. Cheryl is a talker and so she got her way out of the ticket but had to go back to the hotel to start her leg all over again. I continued on 20 miles west in to Kansas then turned north and rode as fast as I could to get out of Kansas, my least favorite riding state. Overall it was a great riding day and rolled into Lincoln, Nebraska just high noon.




Day 6 to Valentine Nebraska


The complete TEAM SNAIL left at about 6 a.m. almost simultaneously. We were hoping to get into Valentine, Nebraska early to avoid 100 degree heat that was coming in the afternoon and we succeeded. It was a great ride with very little traffic and I watched the farming area of Nebraska turn into the prairies arriving in Valentine just a little after 11 o'clock.
Since there wasn't time to stop and take photos and develop stories I'll try and explain how the handicap system for the scootercannonball works.
Each scooter is given a handicap based on its age and the size of the motor. A particular Vespa is used for the baseline for establishing a number of 100 and handicaps rated around that number and that Vespa.
Walt has the best handicap he has 2013 Yamaha with 150 cc engine giving him a handicap of 108.
 Bill has a 2007 Vespa with a 200cc engine giving him a handicap of 113.
I have a 2009 Vespa with a 250 cc engine getting a handicap of 124.
 So what does all this mean? Let's say a on leg A to B we do it all in the exact same time of 100 minutes. What that means is Walt would be charged a 108 minutes, Bill would be charged a113, and I would be charged 124 minutes.  
So for me to beat Walt I would have had to A to B in 80 minutes. That is not going to happen. But besides there are other things that help and making up time such as fuel planning route planning and making no mistakes. The most important thing to do is not to stop.
The whole thing is run on the honor system.  You leave when you want and go anyway you want, but there are four check points you must pass and have timed stamped photos to prove it.
Now, that brings us to dinner.  We decided before we left Nebraska we should have some beef and went to the Peppermill  Steak house.
A basic little place with great meat, but I started with Rocky Mountain Oysters, making this a official Oyster Tour. That was followed by pieces of prime meat served by a sweet young, 17, Nebraska girl. It was good food and a great time.
The big entertainment was when we walked out and the police were pulling over one of our riders.  #51 is in strong competition with Bill and Walt for first place. So, of course we went up to help him out.  He was trying to take a picture of the hotel to get his points and we were encouraging the officer to confiscate his camera, but to no avail.  He was let off with a warning and sent on his way.